【Time unlimited】 "All you can eat and drink" day to Thursday ... 5000 yen ⇒ women: 3480 yen / male: 3780 yen
【Time unlimited】 "All you can eat and drink" day to Thursday ... 5000 yen ⇒ women: 3480 yen / male: 3780 yen
3480 yen

Men is 3780 yen / 2 people ~ ※ Lunch can not be used

Well even rise in the adult number because it is precious to eat all you can drink.Also good to use as a place for meals with your family.Become satiety in drinking party at friends is also good.While drinking while eating, it is I important to enjoy ♪

- ☆ Lots of plus and gorgeous to eat all you can eat ☆ -
★ + 0 yen ... Hall cake present with a message ★ ※ reservation required the previous day
★ + 300 yen ... All you can eat raw ham ★
★ + 300 yen ... with steak with assorted ★
★ + 500 yen ... All you can drink beer ★

【Recommended menu】
Broiled fresh fish and baked eggplant / cream sauce pasta of Thai and tree child
Baked crispy in Thailand ~ Seasoning cream sauce ~ / Olive pasta with bacon and matsutake
Marshmallow chocolate pizza / basil sauce and zucchini basil sauce pasta
Oyster / Fried rice / Rice croquette gratin
Today's recommended cake / Today's recommended ice

Today's fresh fish carpaccio / smoked salmon avocado salad / pork herbs bread crumbs fried
Salmon and Avocado Canapé / Shrimp and Mushroom Ahijo / Garlic Oil Roast Garlic Oil
Various vegetables cold Bagna cowder / roasted cheese / raw ham carpaccio / today's smoked sheng

Caesar salad with raw ham and hot spring egg / cattle pastastur's wasabi cream salad
Baked bacon and seasonal vegetables salad / Oyster tuna rare steak / Today's spoon sushi
Braised chicken and vegetable consomme / Hot Cajun flavor of beef and vegetables

【Thermal matter】
Sweet wings chicken wings / garlic toast / pie pack of chicken and tree child / boiled beef stew and vegetable demi miso stew
Mentaiko Toast / Salt-grilled Butter / Sweet Potato Honey Butter Sauce

Meat Miso Tomato Cheese Grilled Tortilla / Garlic Chicken and Vegetable Salsa Winding Tortilla

【Fried food】
Pork spice fried / Chicken frit Buffalo sauce / French fries / Camembert fry

【Pasta · paella】
Salmon and spinach with tomato cream pasta / crab and clams tomato sauce pasta
Cream pasta of clams and komatsuna / Japanese pasta of Confucius and Hiroshima greens / cream pasta of Kyoto ball mentaiko
Gnocchi's gratin / crab and mushroom cream risotto / seafood paella / commitment Egg carbonara
Potato egg omhail pear sauce

Vanilla ice / green tea ice / blueberry cheese cake ice / cookie cream ice / tiramisu
Flamboire rare cheese / brownie / tea's chiffon cake / cream brulee
Hokkaido cream cheese ice / double berry cake / donut cake