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Special event! 【Sun - Thu only】 90 minutes ★ Eat & drink all you can eat 2280 yen ♪

Special event! 【Sun - Thu only】 90 minutes ★ Eat & drink all you can eat 2280 yen ♪

By using a coupon2280 yen

Sun - Trees only / 2 people ~ ※ Lunch can not be used

  • 50items
  • 270persons
  • All-you-can-drink available
    Full of cocktails! All you can drink menu over 70 types.[1] It is possible to change barley to premoles at + 500 yen [2] You can make all-you-can-drink worldwide at +300 yen [3] Change barley to premoles at + 600 yen & Change world wine drinks

【Sun - Thu Limited】 Best deal for sac drinking ♪ perfect for only Saku who is returning to the company or weekday girls party! All you can eat and drink about 50 kinds of favorite dishes and desserts! ★


- ☆ a little plus and gorgeous to eat all you can eat ☆ -

★ + 0 yen ... Hall cake present with a message ※ reservation required before the previous day

★ + 300 yen ... All you can eat raw ham

★ + 300 yen ... with steak platter

★ + 500 yen ... draft beer as well


【Recommended menu】

Broiled fresh fish and baked eggplant / cream sauce of oyster and tree child pasta

Chicken meatballs Takkarubi Tailoring / Bacon and Matsutake Olive Pasta

Dome pizza / Japanese style pasta / Kaito fried shrimp / Japanese cheese rice / Vegetable gratin of big clams

Kaito fried shrimp and Japanese style risotto of a tree child / Recommended cake of the day / Recommended ice of the day


Today's fresh fish carpaccio / smoked salmon avocado salad / pork herbs bread crumbs fried

Salmon and Avocado Canapé / Prawn and mushroom Ahijo / duck roast garlic oil baked

Various vegetables cold Bagna cowder / Broiled cheese / raw ham carpaccio / today's smoked sheng


Caesar salad with raw ham and hot spring egg / cattle pastastur's wasabi cream salad

Salad with seasonal vegetables and baked bacon / Rare steak with tuna tuna / Today's spoon sushi

Braised chicken and vegetable consomme / Hot Cajun flavor of beef and vegetables

【Thermal matter】

Sweet wings chicken wings / garlic toast / pie pack of chicken and tree child / boiled beef stew and vegetable demi miso stew

Mentaiko Toast / Salt-grilled Butter / Sweet Potato Honey Butter Sauce


Meat Miso Tomato Cheese Grilled Tortilla / Garlic Chicken and Vegetable Salsa Winding Tortilla

【Fried food】

Pork spice fried / Chicken frit Buffalo sauce / French fries / Camembert flies

【Pasta · paella】

Salmon and spinach with tomato cream pasta / crab and clams tomato sauce pasta

Cream pasta of clams and komatsuna / Japanese pasta of Confucius and Hiroshima greens / cream pasta of Kyoto ball mentaiko

Gnocchi's gratin / crab and mushroom cream risotto / seafood paella / commitment egg carbonara

Potato eggs omaka sauce


Vanilla ice / green tea ice / blueberry cheese cake ice / cookie cream ice / tiramisu

Flamboire rare cheese / brownie / tea's chiffon cake / cream brulee

Hokkaido cream cheese ice / double berry cake / donut cake

All-you-can-drink menu

· Beer 【via cocktail】 Chandigafu / Via Cola
· 【Shochu】 (potato) starch potato / Black Kirishima · (wheat) peppermint · awamori ※ split is rock or water split or hot water split
·plum wine
· Plum wine made in Shirakiga · Red plum wine · Okinawa made brown sugar plum wine · Tokushima yuzu plum wine · honey plum wine
· Super carbonic acid beam high ball / citrus high ball (lemon · orange · grapefruit)
Lemon sour
· Lemon Sour / Lemon Cola Sour / Lemon Ginger Sour
Wine Cocktail
· Kalimocho (red wine + cola) / Kitty (Red wine + Ginger ale) / Cardinal (Red wine + Cassis) / Splitzer (White wine + Carbonate) / Operator (White wine + Ginger ale) / Keele (White wine + Cassis)
- Glass of wine (red and white)
· Homemade sangria (red · white)
· Cassis (Black) / Peach (Peach) / Franboise (Woodgrub) / Kalua (Coffee) / Granty (Matcha) / Gin Tonic / Moscow Mule
· Non'aru cocktail
Saratoga cooler (ginger ale + lime) / peach orange (peach juice + orange juice) / tea soda lemon (ice tea + soda + lemon) / Russian heart (ginger ale + grapefruit juice)
·Soft drink
· Oolong tea · Ginger ale · Orange juice · Ice coffee · Ice tea · cola
Reservation deadline
Coming to the store until the desired date of the day 22
Available days for reservation
Monday - Thurs, Sundays, Holidays

2018/10/11 update